A YES vote on November 8 will…

Glendale Union High School District is made up of nine high schools: Apollo, Cortez, Glendale, Greenway, Independence, Moon Valley, Sunnyslope, Thunderbird, and Washington.

In 1993 several deficiencies were identified in GUHSD’s facilities. At that time it was decided that a three phase plan needed to be enacted.

Phase I (1993) addressed the rebuilding of Sunnyslope and Cortez.

Phase II (2003) addresses all campus renovations and repairs equally.

Phase III (2011) will address Greenway’s and Thunderbird’s building and renovation needs. The focus of this bond is safety as well as the creation of teh best educational environment for the future of our children and community.

Give all GUHSD schools the opportunity to Complete to Compete. Phases I and II were successful and all promises were kept, but Phase III is needed to “finish GUHSD’s Blueprint for Success.”

Just like your home - repairs and remodeling are sometimes needed in order to provide a safe and effective environment.

Greenway and Thunderbird were built in the 70’s as “temporary” structures and it is now time to rebuild their classrooms for the future. This will make these high school campuses energy efficient and decrease maintenance costs. It also means there will be no more damage currently caused by flooding. Additionally, the other high schools will have needs such as auditorium, fire alarm systems, parking lot and restroom renovations addressed.

Your YES vote will allow the district to complete Phase III of their plan and will create a strong positive education center for our community, which will increase your property values!