Tomorrow is Election Day!

LAST CHANCE…GUHSD supporters in case you missed it and still haven’t voted, tomorrow is Election Day. We want to ensure every supporter has a chance to have their YES vote heard. If you still have a YES ballot that needs to be submitted please take time to drop it off at your election site.


Voters, if you still haven’t voted, please don’t sit this one out. We need your vote. We need everyone to vote YES. The fate of the district’s M & O funding is in our hands. Make sure you make it to your election site and cast your vote in favor of GUHSD. If you don’t know where your polling place is, find it here:

If you’ve already voted please take time to call a friend or neighbor who lives within GUHSD and remind them to vote if they haven’t already. Provide them with the reasons why it’s vital to renew GUHSD’s M & O Override.

Thank you so very much to all those that continue to fight for what’s right. Thank you for your continued support of GUHSD.

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