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Annual Golf Tournament

Golf “FORE” GUHSD students on Saturday, March 7. Sign up to golf or donate a raffle prize by calling 623-695-0792 or email We appreciate your continued support.

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Citizen’s Recommend Asking For Bond

Summary of Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2015

On Feb. 11 Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD) Citizen’s Committee unanimously voted to take forward the need for a bond election to community stakeholders.

The committee reconvened to consider the capital and infrastructure needs across the district and learn how the governor’s proposed budget could impact the district. The meeting considered the specific capital needs of each school.

The committee found that the majority of needs within the district pertain to building maintenance (aging facilities and buildings coupled with the lack of funds to address these problems) and could become safety issues if not resolved.

The governor’s proposed shift in expenditures of 5% from non-classroom to classroom expenditures will affect many school operations since non-classroom expenses include building maintenance, transportation, and other student support services. In addition, non-classroom expenses include salaries for bus drivers, school nurses, counselors, IT personnel, media specialists and others.

Classroom expenditures are defined as costs for teachers, teacher aides, instructional supplies and tuition to private schools.

The committee also reviewed the original charge of the governing board and the difference between a capital override and a bond in regard to the effect on local taxes and election pass rates.

Three neighborhood meetings will be held to gather input and address concerns from community members in regards to the need for a bond election. These will be held at the following times and locations:

March 24 – Sunnyslope High School, 35 W Dunlap, Phoenix (East Conference Room) – 6:30 p.m.
March 25 – Apollo High School, 8045 N 47 Avenue, Glendale (Auditorium) – 6:30 p.m.
March 26 – Moon Valley High School, 3625 W Cactus Road, Phoenix (Auditorium) – 6:30 p.m

* The Citizen’s Committee is made up of representatives from all nine GUHSD schools – parents, community members, students, teachers and administrators. This committee was the original committee that studied the need for and recommended the renewal of the maintenance and operation override that was successfully passed last November.

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Citizen’s Committee to Review Impact of Governor’s Budget

Citizen’s Committee Members - We are planning to reconvene the election committee that met last year in February to help make recommendations to the Governing Board on elections. The meeting is scheduled for February 11th at 6:00-8:00 pm in the Big Hawk room at Apollo High School, 8045 N 47th Ave, Glendale. During the meeting we are going to review the recommendations of the committee from last year, review the impact of the Governor’s budget proposal, and study election options in 2015. We value your input and look forward to seeing you there.

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