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We Need Your Help On HB2405

April 2012 - House Bill 2405 must be passed for Glendale Union to be able to continue their bond projects in a timely manner. 

The House Bill is currently stuck in the Senate and Steve Pierce will not let this bill come to the floor. There is currently support on the senate floor to pass this bill. In addition, APS is lobbying against the bill.

What does this bill have to do with Glendale Union High School District?
Last fall, the district’s supportive  taxpayers authorized Glendale Union High School District to sell $80 million in bonds. The amount of bonds the district can actually sell at this time is limited to 5% of the secondary assessed value of property in our district. Prior to 1999 it was 15%. This low 5% limitation was put into place as part of the Student’s First Legislation that envisioned the State paying for all school construction and major renovations. Due to the unprecedented budget reduction, the State has not been able to fund major renovations and construction which is one reason our community supported our recent bond authorization and many legislators believe that the limitation should be increased.


Based on the current 5% limitation Glendale Union was able to sell $22 million in bonds to finance Phase 1 construction at Greenway and Thunderbird High schools. Phase 1 construction should be complete in the fall. With the current 5% bond capacity, the district will not be able to begin Phase 2 and 3 of the project until 2015 and 2016.


If approved, HB2405 would temporarily increase the district’s bond limitation from 5% to 10% and would allow them to sell additional bonds much earlier to start and complete phases 2 and 3. In addition, it allows them to be able to take advantage of the current low interest rate environment and the very competitive construction market, making our taxpayers dollars stretch farther.


We hope you are able to help us by doing one of all of the following:
-Call the local house and senate representatives

-Have friends, family members, business partners, or anyone you know who directly votes for Steve Pierce to call him and ask him to support the bill (  602-926-5584)
-Call the APS corporate office (602-371-7171) and ask them to stop lobbying against the bill. Express our concerns on the stand APS is taking on the bill. Maybe even call the AZ commissioner office (602-542-2237).
-Ask our representatives in the house and senate to not vote on the budget or not support the budget is thte HB2405 is not part of the deal.
-Remind them that HB2405 does not cost the state general funds any money.
-Tell them the bill will assist district’s across the state fix deficiency items and build new spaces with local bond dollars and with no assistance from the state funds.
-If passed, district’s can take advantage of the historic low construction costs and stretch the taxpayers dollars further.
-Passing HB2405 will help to generate approximately $200 million of construction work a year, which would directly affect the state tax revenues.Here are some members for you to contact:
Senator Frank Antenori: 602-542-5683


Senator Don Shooter: 602-542-4139

Senator Steve Yarbrough: 602-542-5863

Representative Heather Carter: 602-926-5503

Representative Peggy Judd: 602-926-5836

Representative Doris Goodale: 602-926-5408

Representative Amanda Reeve: 602-926-3014

Representative Steve Urie: 602-926-4136

Representativve Jeff Dial: 602-926-5550


We only have a few days remaining so contact as many of these people as you are able to asap. Thank you again for your support.

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Bond Construction Begins At Greenway and Thunderbird High Schools

March 2012- While students, faculty and staff members, and administrators were on spring recess, demolition began at both Greenway High School and Thunderbird High School. To promote healthier, safer campuses, older buildings are being torn down to make way for modern classrooms using funds generated by the 2011 bond.

As promised in community letters sent to each Thunderbird and Greenway family, fences and barriers have been erected to ensure a safe construction environment for students.

Construction on this phase of the district’s strategic bond plan will continue through the rest of this school year, with completion of the first building expected by the fall. As always, GUHSD is committed to minimizing distractions from the learning environment and maintaining student safety throughout the construction process.

Visit for continued updates or for a virtual look at the project log on to The user name and password for Greenway’s project is Greenway and the user name and password for Thunderbird’s project is Thunderbird.

Thank you again to the community for the continued support of Glendale Union High School District.

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New Superintendent Selected By The Governing Board

March 2012- The Glendale Union High School District Governing Board is very pleased to announce it has selected Mr. Eugene Dudo to be the next superintendent. This appointment was formally recognized at the March 7 meeting and will be effective July 1, 2012. Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Johnson and former superintendents Vernon Jacobs, Dr. Gerald George, and Jim Kieffer attended the meeting in support of Mr. Dudo’s appointment.

Mr. Dudo began his career with GUHSD in 1987. Throughout his twenty-five years with the district, he has worked closely with the past five superintendents and countless assistant superintendents and principals. In his current position as the administrator for Title I and in his prior service as the associate superintendent for finance, Mr. Dudo is and has been recognized and respected for his commitment to student learning, school improvement, and the belief that all students can learn.

Before his time with GUHSD, Mr. Dudo spent fourteen years at the state level, where he began serving as an internal auditor and advanced to the position of deputy assistant superintendent for finance for the Arizona Department of Education. This experience provided him with an in-depth understanding of school district operations and allowed him the opportunity to work closely with the state legislature and local school superintendents on education issues and reform. 

Mr. Dudo will replace Dr. Jennifer Johnson, who will remain in office until her June 30 retirement.

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