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It’s Time to Come Together is hosting a conversation with citizens and elected officials to build a stable and sustainable public education system. You are invited to attend, Monday, April 12, 2010 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Location is ASU - West Campus, 4701 West Thunderbird Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85306 in the La Sala Conference Room. To reserve a spot call 602-686-5338. Together we can make education a top priority.

Yes on 100

After years of budget cuts, Glendale Union High School District is being forced to do more with less.

Like other Arizona school districts, Glendale Union was called upon in 2009 to reduce operating expenditures to make up for a State Revenue shortfall.  The district was able to save over $2 million in costs through a hiring freeze, soft capital cuts and other program modifications to its maintenance and operations budget for the 2009 school year. Prior to 2009 the district has lost in excess of $27 million in building renewal funding as a result of state budget reductions. The district has relied for over a decade on limited resources from its declining unrestricted capital fund and bond proceeds to maintain its nine high schools.

Fiscal Year 2010 state budget cuts force Glendale Union High School District to cut programs

Budget cuts force Glendale Union to cut programs and increase class size at all nine district high schools.


Glendale Union made significant reductions to its 2010 budget in response to growing concerns over state funding.  In all over 74.4 positions were cut from the 2009 budget to offset anticipated reductions in State funding.  The following is a list of positions lost:


Central Office:

            Administrator                                           1.0

            Clerical                                                   1.0

            Information and Technology                       2.0

            Curriculum Coordinators                            2.4


District Programs

            School within A School                             3.0


Local Schools

            Teachers (increased class size)              20.0

            Instructional Aides                                 20.0

            Media Center Assistants                          9.0

Counselors                                              2.5

Equipment Managers                               9.0

            Counseling Center Assistants                   4.5


In addition to the above staffing changes, the district took the following actions:


·         The district froze salaries at the 2009 salary schedule rates giving no increases for longevity or inflation.  

·         The district reduced all Maintenance and Operation Budget supply lines by 20%,

·         The district eliminated Maintenance and Operation travel budgets,

·         The district cut memberships to professional organizations

·         The district assessed all employees a $100 charge for their individual medical benefits.

·         The district froze all soft capital expenditures

·         The district froze all non emergency building renewal projects.

·         The district has implemented a utility reduction program

·         The district has developed internal sub program using administrators, social workers, mentors and coordinators as instructional subs to reduce sub costs to the district.

·         The district has developed internal sub program using administrators, social workers mentors and the GUEA President as instructional subs to reduce sub costs to the district.



The 2011 school budget is being built now and will be decided upon in the next several weeks. The numbers appear alarming.


Education, from kindergarten to the state universities, could take the biggest hit as lawmakers try to resolve the state’s looming budget deficits.  A temporary 1-cent-per-dollar increase in the state sales tax will be presented to the voters on May 18. If not approved, an alternative budget plan will cut an additional $918 million from the state’s budget, with education - from K-12 to universities - absorbing 60 percent of the cuts.


For Glendale Union additional reductions will amount to approximately 8 million more in program cuts including:


  • Loss of all of Soft Capital funding (an additional cut of approximately $1.3 million)
  • Loss of all Capital Outlay Revenue Funding (CORL)  (cut of approximately $5 Million)
  • The Base Level will be reduced by approximately a 2% reduction in the Base Level (cut of approximately $1.5 Million)

These new cuts will be made on top of reductions already made to district programs.

What can we do to insure that the quality of education does not decrease during these difficult times? 


We are asking parents, teachers, administrators and all concerned community members to join us in getting proposition 100 passed.  Please visit the YES on 100 website today (  Sign up with Citizens for Quality Education at, email your friends, and tell your neighbors.

As we have proven in the past, together we do make a difference.  We cannot afford to allow any further cuts to K-12 education.  Arizona already ranks at the bottom in state per pupil funding.  Show elected officials that you care about the quality of your schools.

The heaviest burden a child can carry is a second rate education.  Don’t let our children pay the price of Budget Cuts. 

Vote YES on 100

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Yes on 100

Citizens for Quality Education, in support of Glendale Union High School District, urges you to vote Yes on 100. We are a not-profit organization with a primary mission to advocate for a quality education for the 15,000 students attending high school within GUHSD.

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