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(Archived) What are overrides for?

In February 1990, the Glendale Union High School District overwhelmingly passed its first override. Since that time the district has, as required by law, successfully renewed its override every 5 years. Override funds are used to supplement the state funding formula and have been used in Glendale Union High School District to provide lower class size, increased academic offerings, greater student support services, increased local school support staffing, as well as increased athletic and extra curricular programs.

The need for override funding stems from a lack of adequate state resources as evidenced by research on the states per pupil funding and the overwhelming number of Arizona districts operating under override programs. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Arizona ranks 49th in per pupil funding among the states. This lack of commitment on the part of our legislative body has forced Arizona schools to depend on the use of overrides to supplement state funding and offer competitive programs. Approximately 80% of all Arizona school districts and virtually every major district in the state are operating on existing overrides.

-Tempe Union
-Phoenix Union
-Mesa Unified
-Scottsdale Unified
-Peoria Unified
-Deer Valley Unified
-Washington Elementary
-Glendale Elementary
-Paradise Valley Unified

In conclusion, we don’t have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem!
-Arizona spends at the bottom on per public funding
-Our students deserve a comprehensive education program
-Our quality neighborhood high schools increase our property values
-Finally, maintaining our safe schools is critical to maintaining our safe neighborhoods

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