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Vote YES on GUHSD’s M & O Override

With one week left until the election, please continue encouraging your friends and neighbors to support GUHSD’s Maintenance & Operation Override. Continuing this override will protect programs vital to student success, continue extracurricular and athletic program, retain highly qualified teachers, and will maintain the current level of funding without raising taxes. Without the override the district will have to cut an additional $7.6 million from their operating budget. Let’s show our support and VOTE YES to continue the override.

Board Calls for Election

At the May 21 meeting, GUHSD Governing Board approved the Citizens Committee recommendation to ask our voters to renew the Maintenance and Operation Override in November. Thank you board members!

Now our work begins. Please make sure your GUHSD family and friends are connected with us. We will provide them with timely updates and ways people can get involved to help educate our community about this important issue.

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Stay informed

Please stay informed on what our state leaders are trying to do to our public education system. Be prepared to speak out and act when necessary.

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