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GUHSD Board Calls for Special Election

During the May 6 Governing Board meeting, the members voted in favor of the Citizen’s Committee recommendations. We will be asking our community to support a Bond during the November 2015 election.

Citizen’s Recommendation to Board

On April 15, 2015, the Glendale Union High School District’s Citizen’s Committee made the recommendation that the GUHSD Governing Board call for a bond election in November 2015. The Citizen’s Committee’s recommendations to the board were reached unanimously, finding that there is a need for both capital equipment and continued facility improvements that the state does not adequately fund. Through community meetings held by the committee (March 24, 25, and 26, 2015) and an online survey sent to stakeholders, the committee found overwhelming community support for moving forward with a bond election. The Citizen’s Committee acknowledged the difficulty of the decision and voiced appreciation for the Governing Board’s solicitation of input from the community, pledging its support toward the effort of calling for a bond election. The Governing Board thanked the co-chairs and the committee for involvement in the process and for their time and dedication.

The GUHSD Citizen’s Committee- comprised of parents, students, teachers, support staff, community members, and administrators - was originally formed by an authorization from the Governing Board on December 4, 2013. The Citizen’s Committee’s work led to the Governing Board calling for and passing the Maintenance and Operation Override election in 2014. With the recommendation to call for the Maintenance and Operation Override election the committee also recommended that the district not run an election for capital equipment at the same time and also found that there were no alternative revenue sources that would off-set the need for either election.

For more information about the complete process, visit

Citizen’s Presentations

Presentations shared with the community during the meetings are available on GUHSD’s website. Visit the presentation tab for more details:

Annual Golf Tournament

Golf “FORE” GUHSD students on Saturday, March 7. Sign up to golf or donate a raffle prize by calling 623-695-0792 or email We appreciate your continued support.

Citizen’s Recommend Asking For Bond

Summary of Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2015

On Feb. 11 Glendale Union High School District (GUHSD) Citizen’s Committee unanimously voted to take forward the need for a bond election to community stakeholders.

The committee reconvened to consider the capital and infrastructure needs across the district and learn how the governor’s proposed budget could impact the district. The meeting considered the specific capital needs of each school.

The committee found that the majority of needs within the district pertain to building maintenance (aging facilities and buildings coupled with the lack of funds to address these problems) and could become safety issues if not resolved.

The governor’s proposed shift in expenditures of 5% from non-classroom to classroom expenditures will affect many school operations since non-classroom expenses include building maintenance, transportation, and other student support services. In addition, non-classroom expenses include salaries for bus drivers, school nurses, counselors, IT personnel, media specialists and others.

Classroom expenditures are defined as costs for teachers, teacher aides, instructional supplies and tuition to private schools.

The committee also reviewed the original charge of the governing board and the difference between a capital override and a bond in regard to the effect on local taxes and election pass rates.

Three neighborhood meetings will be held to gather input and address concerns from community members in regards to the need for a bond election. These will be held at the following times and locations:

March 24 – Sunnyslope High School, 35 W Dunlap, Phoenix (East Conference Room) – 6:30 p.m.
March 25 – Apollo High School, 8045 N 47 Avenue, Glendale (Auditorium) – 6:30 p.m.
March 26 – Moon Valley High School, 3625 W Cactus Road, Phoenix (Auditorium) – 6:30 p.m

* The Citizen’s Committee is made up of representatives from all nine GUHSD schools – parents, community members, students, teachers and administrators. This committee was the original committee that studied the need for and recommended the renewal of the maintenance and operation override that was successfully passed last November.

Citizen’s Committee to Review Impact of Governor’s Budget

Citizen’s Committee Members - We are planning to reconvene the election committee that met last year in February to help make recommendations to the Governing Board on elections. The meeting is scheduled for February 11th at 6:00-8:00 pm in the Big Hawk room at Apollo High School, 8045 N 47th Ave, Glendale. During the meeting we are going to review the recommendations of the committee from last year, review the impact of the Governor’s budget proposal, and study election options in 2015. We value your input and look forward to seeing you there.

GUHSD Superintendent to Retire

After serving for more than four decades in education, the superintendent of Glendale Union High School District is retiring.

Mr. Eugene Dudo has served as superintendent for the district for the past three years. The Governing Board voted Wednesday during their regular meeting to accept his resignation at the end of June.

“It will be very hard to see Mr. Dudo leave,” Board President Don DeBusk said. “He is a man of integrity and is respected by all. He has made such a significant difference within GUHSD. All nine of our schools earned “A’s” under his leadership. He will be missed.”

Dudo served as the district’s Chief Financial Officer prior to becoming the superintendent. He previously worked for the Arizona Department of Education in school finance. In retirement, Dudo plans to spend time with his family and travel.

The Governing Board hired Dr. Jim Mitchell as the consultant for the Superintendent Search. Join us for a community meeting on February 3, 6:00 p.m. at Moon Valley High School, 3625 W Cactus Rd, Phoenix to learn more about the search process and how you can provide input on the qualities you would like the next superintendent to possess. Forward this invitation to others within our community who you believe would be interested in attending.

If you are unable to attend the meeting you are still able to provide your input by completing the survey located at

We look forward to your attendance on February 3 so you can assist the board with their search for GUHSD’s next leader.


Congratulations GUHSD! After months of hard work, planning, and preparation by our citizens committee, we are proud to report our community overwhelmingly voted to continue the M & O Override for GUHSD. So today we celebrate, congratulate, and say thank you. Thank you to the citizens of GUHSD for recognizing the value of education by voting in favor of this much needed override.

Thank you to all the teachers, support staff employees, and administrators who volunteered their time to work on our behalf. A special thank you to all the members of the citizens committee and the co-chairs for leading the initial charge given by the Governing Board. This was truly a team effort.

We are forever grateful to the GUHSD community for supporting this initiative. Thank you!

Tomorrow is Election Day!

LAST CHANCE…GUHSD supporters in case you missed it and still haven’t voted, tomorrow is Election Day. We want to ensure every supporter has a chance to have their YES vote heard. If you still have a YES ballot that needs to be submitted please take time to drop it off at your election site.


Voters, if you still haven’t voted, please don’t sit this one out. We need your vote. We need everyone to vote YES. The fate of the district’s M & O funding is in our hands. Make sure you make it to your election site and cast your vote in favor of GUHSD. If you don’t know where your polling place is, find it here:

If you’ve already voted please take time to call a friend or neighbor who lives within GUHSD and remind them to vote if they haven’t already. Provide them with the reasons why it’s vital to renew GUHSD’s M & O Override.

Thank you so very much to all those that continue to fight for what’s right. Thank you for your continued support of GUHSD.

Vote YES on GUHSD’s M & O Override

With one week left until the election, please continue encouraging your friends and neighbors to support GUHSD’s Maintenance & Operation Override. Continuing this override will protect programs vital to student success, continue extracurricular and athletic program, retain highly qualified teachers, and will maintain the current level of funding without raising taxes. Without the override the district will have to cut an additional $7.6 million from their operating budget. Let’s show our support and VOTE YES to continue the override.

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